Conference Facilities

Double Drift is the perfect venue for your annual office/club conference or retreat. Just over one and one half hours from East London, we are easily accessible. The reserve has facilities for your conference as well as accommodation and activities for all types of guest. We are confident that your stay will be enjoyable and that your conference will be a success if you come to Double Drift.

A conference room is located at the Charles Tinley Complex. Upon prior arrangement, a TV, VCR, overhead projector, an easel and markers are available. Tea and other refreshments can also be provided. If you have any special needs, please call our reservations office to inquire as we are very flexible in our operations.

The six beautiful lodging sites at Double Drift combined can host up to eighty guests per night. The Mvubu Complex sleeps a total of 32, separated by groups of four. These chalets provide ample space for all guests while still maintaining close proximity. The other lodges, which sleep between 6 and 12, also provide a spacious area. The dining rooms and verandas of all these lodges, each with its own distinctive charm, are ideal for informal meetings. Please see our Accommodation List for more details.

Daily activities such as game viewing and fishing provide entertainment for everyone. Please refer to our Activities List for a complete listing. The park is home to rhino, elephant, giraffe, hippo, kudu and many other species that can be viewed by visitors. A complete list of DoubleDrift’s wildlife is available in the Animal Checklist. After meetings, one can relax on our deck by the small pool, enjoy the view of the Great Fish River, and partake in the roasting of warthogs on the open spit while the sun sets. As darkness sets in, the gathering can continue either under our lighting or in the moonlight, where one can enjoy a magnificent view of the stars.

One company officer who has visited DoubleDrift for his companies’ annual conference and retreat reports that DoubleDrift is the ideal location for such activities. Unlike hotels and other such venues, DoubleDrift provides excellent entertainment combined with sufficient isolation, allowing participants to focus on the tasks of the conference. Mingling on the deck and having a cookout comfortably finishes a Friday afternoon of conferences. Or for those weekend meetings, another session can be held Saturday morning before taking part in the reserve’s game drives and hippo walks.

The staff of DoubleDrift are working hard to protect the resources of our environment by promoting the sustainable utilization of it by visitors like you. Our operations also provide much needed economic uplift to the local community. Please let us host your next conference or retreat and whil you explore the beauty of DoubleDrift.

Call either our office in Bisho at (040) 635 2115 for reservations or the DoubleDrift office at (040) 653 8010 for more information.

We are looking forward to seeing you!


P. Dreyer
Manger – DoubleDrift